The environmental impact of takeout culture

Choose compostable utensils, NOT single use plastic! 

After pandemic we have gotten used to go to our favorite restaurants. Then, we take it to go to be safe for our family and friends, all sounds great, right? Not really, our takeout obsessions are taking a toll on our wild life and nature. Usually, takeout = single plastic utensil and sadly, those plastics are making their way into our waterways. 


That's when we come in. We sell compostable and sustainable cutleries to restaurants so that EVEN if, for some reasons, somebody litters the utensils, they're compostable. We partner with a local nonprofit organization based in LA called itisoverdue which focuses on eliminating littering. 


Now, it's your turn to take actions for a better tomorrow. 

Let's make a brighter future together by ditching plastic utensils!